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Soccer requires a playing field that offers excellent biomechanical response in both player-surface interaction and ball-surface interaction. Since it is very important to obtain good shock absorption and vertical deformation or stability, sand and rubber granule fillers are included between the fibers of the artificial turf. The rubber granule fillers facilitate player traction, while also minimizing the risk of injury. Incorporating an elastic base layer under the turf helps to achieve these conditions, as well as improving the system's durability. To guarantee sports function, a good artificial turf system will be resistant and highly durable over time due to UV protection. In addition, artificial turf with firm, upright blades will enhance rebound, ball roll and resistance. SPORT SUPPLIES recommends the use of high quality systems incorporating elastic base layers, turf filaments composed of polyethylene to minimize abrasion, with heights between 45 and 60 mm , low density tufts in 5/8" gauges and filled with sand and rubber granules.

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